Mobile Prevention Units (UMP)

This team works in saunas, apartments, street prostitution zones, and bars. Two professionals bring you free condoms, lubricants, and information about your health, among other things. They have yellow backpacks, so you can recognize them easily. You can ask them about anything, and they´ll always answer you with a smile!


Workshops and group work

Workshops are held in the office, very close to Plaza de España. You can go and share your experiences, and learn a lot too. They deal with lots of issues: drugs, HIV, STDs, negotiation skills, resources for sex workers. There are movies, parties, and everyone has fun. If you want to come to the next workshop, call them at: 915 930 540.

The Parenthesis group: Leisure and free time activities

Work isn´t everything, which is why we have a group for leisure and free time activities. It´s a mixed group of guys and girls, and we do a lot of fun stuff, like go to the pool, the movies, the theatre, to museums or have lunch out. It´s a fun way to see Madrid—and to get to know colleagues outside of work. If you want to meet people and have a good time, come to the Parenthesis group. Call and ask about our next activity.

Sexual health information

You have resources available where you can turn to with questions concerning your sexual health. Anything from wondering what the first symptoms of syphilis are, where you can go and get tested and treated for gonorrhea, or how to get rid of that genital wart. You´ll find all the answers in the professional and confidential environment of the Fundación Triángulo´s support program for Male and Transsexual Sex Workers.


Accompaniment to medical appointments and help processing health care card

We´ll be glad to go with you to help you with the state administrative processes, like registering yourself at City Hall and getting your health care card. We´ll even go with you to the doctor, if you need us to. It´s pretty useful, if you don´t know the city well, or how the public health care or social services work. So, if you´d like a staff member to go with you to help out, or just don´t want to go the doctor´s alone, just call us at 915 930 540. We´re here for you.

Quick result HIV test

In our offices, we offer the quick result HIV test, you´ll get your results in 15 minutes. It´s a saliva test, so we don´t need to take a blood sample. It´s free, confidential, and anonymous. We do testing in the afternoons, to correspond with our programs and work during office hours. If you´ve never been tested or if it´s been a while, call us for an appointment.

Online consultations via Messenger.

You can get all the info you need from home, when you´re working, or when you´re out and about anywhere. It´s as simple as opening your MSN Messenger, and sending a private message to ask a question, or just say ¨Hi! ¨Add us to your Messenger contacts using This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Social Work

Our professional social work department is here to help you deal with legal matters such as registering with City Hall, your health care card, residency permit, residency application via ¨social ties¨—even getting your kids into school. We´re here to give advice, or chat about any issues you may have, with 100% guaranteed confidentiality.

Seeing a psychologist

You can speak with a psychologist in the afternoons by appointment. We have two psychologists and a psychiatrist available to help you work on any areas of your life you´d like improve on. Good health isn´t just not being sick, but also includes your physical and mental well-being. This service is professional and confidential.

Legal Assistance

Count on the legal department of the Male and Transsexual Sex Workers program, to help you deal with legal matters related to residency permits, residency permits via ¨social ties¨, and/or nationality requests among other things. This service is provided in collaboration with the CEAR association, which has assisted immigrants in Spain for years.