Establishing limits protects our self-esteem and our state of mind, and it means saying NO to safeguard ourselves and our bodies. Setting limits benefits you, your body, and your health directly overall. So, it is important to think about how to establish limits in different areas of your life, such as:

  • Limits concerning sex: We all prefer some sexual practices over others, and saying NO to a specific sex practice reasserts us as individuals. If you avoid doing something you know you don´t like, you can avoid emotional distress.
  • Limits concerning unprotected sex: It is important to establish limits here, to protect yourself from STDs, and work in a safe manner.

You put your health at risk by accepting a service without using a condom, or when there will be anal penetration or ejaculation in the mouth, and by drug use during the service.

Each of us establishes our own limits, it´s a process of reflection that without doubt is the basis we create for more balanced relationships with the people around us.

Byestablishing your limits, you´re not letting people do whatever they want to you. It reasserts you as an independent and self-governing individual, while protecting your health and well-being.