Registering at City Hall

Registering at City Hall means that your name appears on a list of your city´s inhabitants. This gives you the right to a free health care card, and the right to ask for other benefits, for example residency permit under the law of social ties (arraigo). To register all you need is a valid passport and your name on an apartment contract, or included in the contract as a renter of a room. If you aren´t on any type of housing contract, any phone, internet, water or gas bill where your name appears is valid. If you don´t have any of these things, you can ask a friend who is already registered to then register you at his/her address. Registering at City Hall is free of charge. If you have any questions, call your City Hall or the Fundación Triángulo where you will be informed in greater detail.

Health Care Card

This card grants you access to free public health care professionals in any city of the country. It is a pre-requisite when you go to solicit a residency permit via social ties. Administration for this card is free of charge. To get the health care card, you must be registered with the city, enrolled in the social security system (also free of charge) and finally, you have to go to the health care center that corresponds to you to process the card. If you have questions or would like someone from our team to go with you don´t hesitate to call the Fundación Triángulo.

Social Ties (arraigo)

When a foreigner can prove they have been in Spain for at least three years without leaving the country, they have the right to solicit residency permit, on the grounds of ¨social ties¨ (arraigo social). Social ties mean that you have been in Spain for such time that the state considers you to have the right to live here permanently, on the basis of these social ties formed. Documents that demonstrate continued stay include: Registration with City Hall certificate, health care card, bank account documents, and bills where your name appears, like money wire receipts to country of origin, or phone bills. If you have questions about this, or are interested in soliciting residency, you can call the NGO team or legal department.

Legal Assistance

If you have questions about residency permit processing, application for residency via social ties, and/or nationality, among other things, you can rely on the legal team of the Male and Transsexual Sex Workers program. Legal services are provided in collaboration with the CEAR association, which has years of experience assisting immigrants with legal issues.