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How do I know I have a drug problem?

You may have a drug problem if you begin to exhibit any of the following behaviors over a period of 12 months:

You stop carrying out daily obligations at work, school or home
You´re using drugs in dangerous situations (before sex, driving a car, etc).
Taking drugs is causing problems with the law
You continue using drugs in spite of resulting problems with the people around you, or when already existing problems get worse
One of the clearest indications you have a drug problem is when you try to stop using for a time, and find that you can´t

What steps can I take to get help if I have a drug problem?

If you think you have a drug problem or dependency, or even if you aren´t sure, get in contact with a doctor or other health care professional. There are information hotlines and centers with teams of different professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, social workers, etc.) who will help you address a drug addiction.

There are also many NGOs specializing in drug abuse, where you will find understanding, support and keys to begin a personal reflection about your relationship with drugs.

Where can I get more information about drug addiction treatment?

National Drug Plan
Phone: 902 16 15 15

Phone: 900 200 514

Phone: 985 106 564

Castilla y León
Phone: 900 101 100

Phone: 93 412 04 12

Phone: 900 210 994

Phone: 901 350 350

Phone: 900 151 825

País Vasco
Phone: 902 471 818

Phone: 900 161 515

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