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Harm Reduction

Less harmful pill consumption:

  • Drink plenty of liquids
  • Rest for short periods to prevent fatigue
  • Use public transportation like buses, taxis etc to get around
  • Never mix alcohol with other drugs
  • Abstain if you have heart, kidney, liver or psychological problems
  • Don´t take more than one, as it heightens toxic effects
  • Go to the doctor immediately if you feel ill or if you stop perspiring

Less harmful cocaine consumption:

  • Drink lots of vitamins C and B
  • If you snort it, don´t snort from the same tube as anyone else
  • Clean out your nasal passages with a saline solution or water
  • Consumption of cocaine during sex, including putting it directly on genitals is dangerous

Less harmful Speed and amphetamine consumption:

  • Don´t share tube you use to snort with anyone
  • It´s a good idea to get a lot of calcium, as Speed depletes it from your system

Less harmful consumption of LSD (acid) and hallucinogenics:

  • Don´t take too often over a short period of time
  • Choose well where you take these drugs; the best choice is a somewhere safe where you can be calm, with people you trust. It´s better not to consume them alone, but with someone with prior experience with hallucinogenics
  • Avoid mixing with alcohol and ketamine
  • Don´t even think of driving a car
  • If you have a bad experience (a ¨bad trip¨) know that it will pass within a few hours, try to relax and think positively. If you get worse, call 112

Less harmful Popper consumption:

  • It´s recommended not to combine Poppers with Viagra, as it can cause cardiac arrest, and situations that put your life in grave danger

Less harmful Heroin consumption:

  • Never share needles
  • Use sporadically and not habitually; regular use causes heavy addiction

Less harmful Cannabis consumption:

  • Know who is giving you the hash/marijuana, and exactly what they are giving you, as they tend to be cut with another substance
  • Don´t mix with other substances, especially alcohol

How to enjoy yourself more by drinking less:

  • Start drinking later
  • Drink slowly and take small sips
  • Leave your glass on the bar between sips
  • Don´t drink on an empty stomach
  • Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Never mix different types of alcoholic drinks

Remember that under the influence of drugs, you lose the capacity to control your actions, and so there is a greater risk you´ll forget to use a condom during sex.

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