HIV isn´t the only virus that can be transmitted through sexual contact, there´s another group of infectious diseases called sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that are also generally transmitted through sex.

Syphilis: This infection appears as a hard lesion (an ulcer) on the skin, not painful and with no pus.  It goes away without treatment but the disease continues do damage to your body, so it is crucial to identify it in time, and go to the doctor. If left untreated in the beginning, as years go by it will cause brain damage and skin problems.

Gonorrhea: Often you won´t detect a Gonorrhea infection.  Gonorrhea on the genitals creates a thick yellowish secretion and irritation when urinating. If the infection is in the throat, you may experience irritation and light pain in that area. An anal infection produces a thick yellowish secretion and itching in the anus. Gonorrhea is a disease that has a treatment and is curable; however, if it goes undiagnosed it can lead to bone and articulation diseases.

Chancroid or Soft Chancre: Leaves soft, very painful ulcer with a lot of inflammation surrounding the area. Various lesions may appear after the first one.

Herpes: First appears as a bump (vesicle) in the genital area, mouth, or anus, and ends up becoming a lesion (ulcer.) It can be treated but is not curable.

Genital Warts: Raised lesions on the skin (papules) that end up turning into warts that look like cauliflower. Sometimes they are accompanied by a bad odor. They can appear in the genital, anal or mouth areas.

Molluscum contagiosum: Tiny raised lesions on the skin (papules) with a whitish substance in the center. They don´t hurt but are very contagious.

Hepatitis: Inflammation of the liver generally produced by a virus.

Hepatitis A: Can be transmitted through a rim job (licking an anus)

Hepatitis B: Passed on through intense exposure to bodily fluids like saliva, blood or semen. It can also be transmitted via needles: injecting drugs, hormones, piercings, acupuncture, etc. Sometimes, though not often, it is transmitted through close contact with an infected person. Sexual transmission is possible, though less common.

Hepatitis C: Generally transmitted through the blood, by way of shared needles: drug use through injection, injection of hormones, acupuncture, piercings, etc; and sexually through anal penetration.

Don´t forget, Hepatitis A and B can be avoided by getting a vaccination.

Crabs: Lice that appear in the genital area. Symptoms include a strong itch in the genitals or anus,  lice and their white eggs found in the pubic hair, (although they can appear anywhere from the thighs to the eyebrows). It is treatable and curable.

Scabies: The main syndrom is a very strong itch, generally at night accompanied by grayish skin rashes on the palms of the hands or articulations. It´s curable and has a treatment. Scabies is transmitted by sexual contact, or contact with bed linens or towels used by the infected person.

The majority of these illnesses seem to heal by themselves without medical treatment . However, they continue to do damage in your body, so you must to go to your doctor if you notice any symptoms. For the majority of STDs there is an effective treatment.

All of these illnesses can be prevented by using condoms during sex.