Registration at City Hall

Registering at City Hall means you are included on a list of the cities´ inhabitants. You´re now entitled to a free public health care card. It also means you can apply for a residency permit via the social ties law (arraigo). To register with City Hall you just need a valid passport and an apartment or room contract to show that you live in the city. If you aren´t on a contract, you can use any phone, Internet, water or gas bill with your name and current address.  If you can´t provide any of these documents, you should ask a friend who is already registered at City Hall, to let you register in their house or apartment. Registration is free. If you have any questions you can call either your City Hall or the Fundación Triángulo, where they´ll kindly give you all the details.


Health care card

This card gives you access to free public health care in any city in the country. It´s also a pre-requisite for residency permits through the social ties process. The paperwork procedures for the health care card are free.  First you have to register at your City Hall, then you´ll need to do the paperwork and process (also free of charge) to get into the social security system.  Finally you´ll go to your health care center (to find out which center corresponds to you call and ask your local City Hall) to get your card. If you have any questions, or would like someone from the Fundación Triángulo team to accompany you, don´t hesitate to call us.