When should I go to the doctor?

At any time you have an irritation, or you don´t feel well, you should go to your public health care center, and talk about it with your doctor. You shouldn´t wait until things get worse, but instead go to the doctor at the first sign there is something wrong. If the problem is serious, you should go directly to the emergency room, so you can receive immediate medical care. This is why it´s so important to do self-checks and know your body, so when you find an irritation or a lesion you can go to your doctor as soon as possible.

Remember to always follow your doctor´s orders, as he/she is helping you get well.

Should I tell my doctor that I work in prostitution?

This is a personal choice, it´s up to you to decide. However, keep in mind that unfortunately there are still many health professionals who look down on it. You have a right to privacy, so you aren´t under obligation to say that you are a sex worker. You can just mention that you have very frequent sexual contact with different people.

Where can I see a doctor?

You should go to the public health care center that corresponds to you. If you are an immigrant, all foreigners registered with the City Hall have the right to medical assistance in the same conditions as Spanish nationals. All foreigners who are minors (under 18 years of age) have the right to medical assistance whether they are registered at the City Hall or not. Foreigners always have the right to receive free public health care in the case of an emergency. In order to go to a doctor, you must register with City Hall then go to the health care center that corresponds to you, to process the paperwork for the health care card. If you don´t have a card, call us and we will help you with the paperwork.